These are the 8 most common ways you can be hurt by a horse

Many horse owners never had their horse seriously injured. Horses are not something to be afraid of. You should be able to work safely around horses and understand their common behaviors when working with large animals. You can greatly reduce your chances of being injured if you take care to understand horses. According to the Canadian Hospitals Injuries Reporting and Prevention Program, 49.6% of horse-related injury cases required either advice or minor treatment. Here are some common injuries that can occur when you ride or work with horses.

Being Stepped On

It’s common to get your toes nailed because you didn’t move fast enough. Even the most experienced horse owners sometimes don’t move as fast as their horses. This can cause bruising, abrasions and even fractured bones. Although it is possible for your fingers to be stepped on while cleaning the hooves , this is far less common. It’s possible for the horse to step on your foot after a fall. However, most horses will try their best to avoid you.

Strikes and Kicks

Horses can strike with either their rear or front hooves. They can also strike backwards and forwards using both. Sometimes kicks happen by accident, like when a horse kicks at an insect and the handler is not there. Some kicks are deliberate. It is possible to be kicked by another horse when you are riding in a group.


According to the CHIRPP 62% of horse-related injuries were caused by falls. Any part of your body can get injured when you fall. Riders who try to stop a fall by raising their arms are more likely to sustain injuries to their wrists, arms and collar bones. Horses can also get hurt.

Horses can cause serious injuries to riders if they step on or fall on them. Head injury is the most common cause of death for riders. You can learn to fall. You can still fall. Although a helmet doesn’t provide 100% protection, statistics indicate that it can significantly reduce the chance of suffering traumatic brain injury.


Horses can bite to protect themselves or express frustration and impatience. Some horses are sneaky or disrespectful. Horses who are persistent about eating treats can bite their fingers and arms if they don’t want to. Horses can be so aggressive that they can break fingers and cause severe bruising.

Get Knocked Over

It is possible to be knocked over by horses if they are being led, tied, or loose. The less likely you are to get knocked over by a horse, because you can anticipate what your horse will do next. Broken bones and teeth can result from being knocked down.

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